NBA Finals 2024

Man, I hate pulling for the Mavericks but I just can’t get behind the Celtics.

I’m so out of touch with the NBA that I had no idea it was the finals and that two shit teams were in it. I usually watch playoff basketball (not a huge bball fan but it’s exciting in the playoffs/final four) but I’ll pass on this one unless there’s a way for them both to lose. I’m sure grumpy today.


Celtics with a 21 point lead at the half. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Celtics sweep. They just look like the better team.

I have been a Boston fan since the 1950s. Go Celtics!

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Sell your TV.

I’m rooting for the Celtics because I live around Maverick fans

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Gotta apologize to the board, have had a seriously rotten week and should’ve kept myself to myself. I’ll do better!

No, do not apologize to me. You are a good poster, and I was ragging you around.

Sorry about your rotten week, and sorrier about my adding to it.

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I’m not much of an NBA fan anymore, but I can’t forgive the Celtics for 1986 (what a lousy, no good, terrible sports year that was). But there’s also no way in hell I could ever root for Dallas team. Irresistible force meet immovable object.


I certainly wanted the Rockets to win that series, but that ‘86 Celtics team was one of the best in history. Some may argue the best team ever. I can’t hate them. I can hate the Mavericks though.

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I’d say 86 Celtics, 96 Bulls, and 17 Warriors are pretty much the short List to debate that answer.

There is a great YouTube channel, Clayton Crowley, who made a series of videos “making the case” for 8 different teams as the best ever. The teams were the 71 Bucks, 72 Lakers, 86 Celtics, 87 Lakers, 89 Pistons, 96 Bulls, 01 Lakers and 17 Warriors

He also has another set of 8 videos along the same lines but for players. The videos are on Tim Duncan, Wilt, Kareem, MJ, Lebron, Bird, Magic and Russell.

His videos are always really compelling. Easily one of my favorite channels

Beating the Lakers in the WCF was exquisite.


I will never forget Sampson pulling a shot out of his ass as the clock was winding down and all of the Lakers standing around with “that’s not supposed to be allowed” looks.


That there is a legit debate between MJ and LBJ is an amazing achievement by LeBron. Everyone else is playing for third.

(With todays rules, MJ would have learned a step back 3 and averaged at least 40 a game)

Oh I agree. Its Jordan, then Lebron, then probably Kareem and everyone else

He does make compelling arguments in all the others videos, not necessarily that they are the greatest but that they have an argument to be in the discussion.

In the Duncan video he has a quote that I absolutely love “if you had a team, and could take any player in NBA history to be your centerpiece, you would take Tim Duncan” and I think I would. He’s clearly not the best ever, but the total package of TD is the perfect superstar to build a team around, and the type of man you build a franchise around.

If anybody likes getting into the weeds of basketball and what teams do. Specifically in this one, what Boston did to Dallas in game one, this channel is fucking great.

Wilt Chamberlain would like a word with you.

Really he’d like a word with the entire basketball world.

He averaged 30.1 ppg and 22.9 rpg for his career.

MJ is the best player ever as far as I’m concerned, but Wilt gets left out of these conversations too often.

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You’re not wrong, his numbers are insane but it’s hard to say a guy was the best ever when even people at the time didn’t think he was the best player in the league.