Nats at Astros, June 15, 2023

No score. Top 2.

Leadoff IF hit for Was.

Machete cuts the runner down at 2nd.

Dickerson was the runner who got caught.

He slowed down for some reason about 15 feet from the bag.

Meanwhile consecutive singles puts runners on 1st/2nd with 1 out.

Stone Garrett Ks.

Great name.

F8 ends the threat.

Javier worked out of that nicely.

Nice oppo single from Tucker.

So far the zone is … interesting.

Abreu 4-6-3 gidp

Peña rips a ball thru the hole.

That inning sucked

Julks Ks swinging to end the 2nd.

F8, F8, and a pop up for Was in the 3rd

Keep working on that change piece Javier

Jake makes a bid for a hit but RFer chases it down.

Maldy walks.

Chas whiffs. Ugly.

Altuve walks on 4 pitches.

Bregman taps out 1-3. Fooled badly.

Dickerson threads the needle between Bregman and Peña for a 1 out single.



Mid 4

Geez, that was awful Tucker.

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Tucker lines a single to center

Abreu chases and Ks

Tucker picked off 1B, good grief out by a foot

Peña 4-3

F8 and 2 pop ups

7 pitches

Mid 5

Anytime, offense.

K, 5-3, 5-3


Our offense can be so frustrating at times.