Nats at Astros, June 14, 2023

Just checking in on Gameday after getting done with work.

Top 1 - Framber pitches around a couple of singles (Thomas, Garret) and gets out of the inning w/o damage.
Bottom 1- Altuve HBP, moves to third on a Tucker single, and both he and Tucker score on Abreu! double.

End 1. Nats 0 Astros 2.

3 quick out by each side in the 2nd and 3rd.

End 3. Nats 0 Astros 2.

Top 4.

Valdez pitching.

Meneses Ks
Garrett singles
Ruiz F9 in foul ground
Vargas 4-3.

Mid 4. Nats 0 'Stros 2.

That was a pretty nice catch by Tucker. There’s not much room down there.

Abreu is rolling now!!! Welcome sight!!!

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This Abreu guy, seems like he is starting to hit a little bit.

It’s contagious!

I like the new Cuban Missiles.

Bottom 4.

Gray pitching.

Tucker 3-1.
Abreu and Diaz go back to back!!
Julks F9.
Meyers 6-3.

End 4. Nats 0 Astros 4.

(I gotta run).

Jose Abreu has picked a really good time to start hitting like the back of his baseball card. Happy to see him start driving the ball the past few weeks.

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Good job by Abreu there to get the easy out. He may have had a play at the plate, but don’t turn this inning into something it’s not.

Halfway…4-1 Astros.

GIDP Bregman w/RISP is even less fun than Popup Bregman.

Just checking in here to air my public shame. I’m listening to the game on At Bat radio instead of watching on because I can’t be bothered to download and install a VPN to get past the locality restrictions (since I am in DC this week).

We need an abbreviation for GIDP w/RISP. Maybe GRIP.

Nice footwork by Bregman on that ground ball down the line.

Nothing shameful in abiding by the broadcast territory restrictions. We’re still struggling with “using pictures, descriptions, or accounts without express written permission”.

To the 9th…4-1 Astros

Pressly greeted with a TE5 to start the inning.

I’m officially worried about Pressly.

ETA: Not that Bregman helped matters.

Double makes it 4-2, brings the tying run to the plate, nobody out

One out