Nationals @ Astros, June 13, 2023

Brown walks the lead off hitter, but gets a double play and a strike out.

No score.

Diaz might want to start laying off pitches that would require a ladder to reach.

Nice recovery after a leadoff single and then double.

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Nice job, Hunter.

2 on/no outs turned into nothing.

Popped up bunt, K, and a weak ass tapper to 1B.

Stop hitting it to the LF alley.

Well Bregman pimped that double into a single.

I’m at the park tonight. They really go all out with the Star Wars stuff.

I’d rather they go all out with the “scoring runs” stuff.

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Mauricio answers the call


You can’t stop him, you can only hope to contain him!


He’s been smoking balls



Jeebus, Altuve. That was terrible.



Solo shot, thanks to Altuve’s dumbassery

Yeah good thing there wasn’t a runner to distract Kyle.

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Another twin killing.