Myles Straw

Folks may be calling for his head next week (and I may or may not be one of them) but gotta give the dude some credit…

Since May 13 (26 games): .313/.373/.374

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Like in many less astute places, the first reputation one gets on here is with him to the grave.

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I don’t think that’s true. Lots of folks around here have recognized his improvement and commented on it.

Right. He was not good, then he got better.

Also, there was some not completely positive things said about Kyle Tucker earlier this season, but he seems to come back to the very good numbers from last season.

Kyle Tucker 2020 209 AB .268/.325/.512
Kyle Tucker 2021 265 AB .268/.326/.506


Some have. Most have not or only grudgingly do. Baseball is hard, and being a good player is harder.

Absolutely it is. And first impressions are hard to overcome. But I think Straw’s improvements have not gone un-noticed. Same for Tucker.

Now can we use our powers to fix Bregman?


Most Astros fans, expect Bregman to be Bregman, so we are rooting for Strom’s Boys.