Moving story about Carly Simon & Jackie Robinson on

Great story about the pivotal Carly Simon - Jackie Robinson friendship.

A good read about a bad era.

Is she Homer’s sister?

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Have not seen much written about
“quiet form of segregation”….in Northern states.

I’m pretty sure you mean Carly Simon.

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One of our best playwrights.


Ya think?

You probably think this thread is about you, don’t you?


You’re thinking of Neil Simon.

Carly Simon sang “Bridge Over Troubled Waters”


No, no, no. Carly had a famous gossip column called “Simon Says.”

That column was a source for many of the ideas behind the most famous plays.

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Pretty sure that was Roger Simon.

Carly Simon created “The Wire”

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Where did they move?

That’s the documentary about Western Union, right?

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I think it is about the Wallendas.

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Could always use a good editor.

ISWYDT (…finally)