Minors Miscellany

Starting a thread to post historical and other information that’s minors related but of a more general (i.e.non-Astros) nature. First off…

JJ Cooper of Baseball America has a discussion below of how the Vietnam War helped shape the history and development of short season leagues. Basically what it says is that amateur players in the 60’s were faced with a conundrum because almost all the minor leagues back then started their seasons in April and May. In order to play, they couldn’t have gone to classes and thus would possibly lose their student deferments. So over a 4 year period beginning in 1964, the Northwest League, Pioneer League and NY-Penn League all shifted to shorter seasons which began in June so that players could play during the summer and go back to school for the fall/winter semesters.

Born in wartime, died of MLB penny-pinching.


I can’t read the entire article, but that’s a very interesting tidbit you describe.

Indeed. Very interesting, Nate.

Very interesting news…


That’s awesome.

A couple of things Kevin Goldstein has recently written for Fangraphs have already been linked to and here’s a third which details the ins and outs of minor league contracts…

Goldstein is still in the front office, correct?

Goldstein got fired last October.

Thanks, I just saw that after a google search. Damn, I thought I recalled that he was one of the few that didn’t get fired.

Always liked his insights and need to catch up on his fangraphs stuff.