He looks like a really solid player to me, and the power is a bonus. As much as I liked Straw and rooted for his improvement, the trade for Maton and bringing up Meyers look like great moves thus far.


Even his outs were hit hard. Let’s hope he keeps it up.

His second HR was a few feet shorter than that long out to CF.

He was hurting baseballs with impunity.


Very solid OFer also.

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Dusty will probably bat him 3rd today.

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Baker thinks he needs a day or two off.

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Not like Dusty has any other choices, the real test is when Tucker comes back.

Well, it’s one game. I hope he hasn’t won the job over Tucker yet.

No, but he certainly will be more than a defensive replacement 4th OFer.

How Dusty divvies up the PT between Meyers and Chas will be interesting.

And Alvarez for non-DH games.

I would guess they’ll get Meyers some late inning PH opportunities (i.e. for Machete/Castro) and maybe some defensive substitutions for Brantley in addition to his starts.

ETA: and Chas may enter Dusty’s scheduled day off randomizer

Gave a glimpse on 11 Aug.
And great catch yesterday - and nailed his throw to Correa!