Mexico City in April

Rockies & Astros - April 27-28 in Mexico City.

Never been to Mexico City. Anyone want to tell me it would be a bad idea to go and attend these games?

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CDMX is gooder’n hell and it would be an outSTANding idea to go to the games and now that I know that they’re happening I may very well make plans myself, especially if it by some serendipitous bit of fortune it happens to coincide with a break in my son’s school year.

I love Mexico City. My nephew lives there, which is neither here nor there, but it’s a great place in general, and when I go I get an Airbnb in La Condesa which is for me by far the best place but there are any number of other viable areas.

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Thanks Chuck!


These games sparked my interest as well. I’ve never been to Mexico City, but have always wanted to. Everyone I know who has absolutely raves about it.


For good reason…

Do you like food?

And drink?

And museums and such?

Lived in mexico city for a year. It is one of the world’s great cities. Quick list of suggestions:
1: museo anahuacali–diego rivera’s collection of precolumbian art. The location, building, collection, and suprises…
2: teotihuacan. Pyramid complex that was old before the aztecs colonized what is now the heart of mexico city
3: eat street food. Eat at places with lines. Order what people in front of you order. Do not spend $250 for a tasting menu of tacos at a place whose name might give brad lidge an involuntary shiver.
4: do not get drunk in public. Do that at the hotel bar.
5: do not buy sex. Fucking a fellow tourist is ok, but the people willing to go to a room for free with you are probably theives.
6: ride the subway. Except during hours when people are commuting. Those hours are more expansive than You might guess.
7. The city goes to sleep at night. Do not go out late. Get a hotel close to the stadium where the game is being played. Mexico city after dark has fierce and hungry places. Be careful with taxis and ubers.

Mexico is a wonderful beautiful heartbreaking place. Do not be the ugly american. Be curious polite respectful sceptical and kind. There are marvels. And oblivion. Use basic common sense, it goes a long way–then your visit to Day Efay will get you grinning like an axolotl in xochimilco.

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Jeff Luhnow has to be smiling about this.

Luhnow has moved on.