Mexico City in April

Rockies & Astros - April 27-28 in Mexico City.

Never been to Mexico City. Anyone want to tell me it would be a bad idea to go and attend these games?

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CDMX is gooder’n hell and it would be an outSTANding idea to go to the games and now that I know that they’re happening I may very well make plans myself, especially if it by some serendipitous bit of fortune it happens to coincide with a break in my son’s school year.

I love Mexico City. My nephew lives there, which is neither here nor there, but it’s a great place in general, and when I go I get an Airbnb in La Condesa which is for me by far the best place but there are any number of other viable areas.

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Thanks Chuck!


These games sparked my interest as well. I’ve never been to Mexico City, but have always wanted to. Everyone I know who has absolutely raves about it.


For good reason…

Do you like food?

And drink?

And museums and such?