Mets @ Astros, June 19, 2023

Brown with a clean first.

Astros get their first crack at Scherzer coming up

Bottom 1st.

Scherzer pitching.

Altuve - Ks (swung at two sliders away)
Bregman - 5-3. (Baty diving to his left, gets up and throws to first on one bounce).
Tucker - F8.

Scherzer with a 7 pitch inning.

End 1. Mets 0 Astros 0.

Bregman got robbed on a great play.

Top 2.

Brown pitching.

Alonso - 5-3.
Pham - 5-3.
McNeil - F8.

Mid 2. Mets 0 Astros 0.

I didn’t realize that the walkoff HR in NY last year was Jason Castro’s last career at bat. That’s a nice little factoid.

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Damn Diaz, that was horrible.

Holy sweet fuck, ump. Unbelievable. That pitch to McCormick was literally in the other batter’s box.

If Scherzer gets that pitch in the on deck circle, it’s gonna be one of those nights. Holy hell.

Bottom 2nd.

Scherzer pitching

Abreu - fouls off FB, tries to check on slider, swings over slider. K.
Diaz - watches a slider for strike, misses a FB, works the count full, Ks swinging on a slider.
Chas - F4 in foul ground.

End 2. Mets 0 Astros 0.

Scherzer has thrown two pitches over the plate.


1-0 Mets

God Dammit!

Hanging fastball right down middle.


Needed that one

Someone needs to send a memo to Brown that since the offense is incapable of vaunting anymore he can’t afford to give up another run.

And that should do it.

Fourth hit of the inning makes it 2-0

This doesn’t bode well.

They vaunted yesterday and still lost by multiple runs.