I just noticed yesterday on some account of his, he calls himself Chaz, not Chas. We have been spelling it wrong for years? I certainly have been.

Maybe he goes by both? His name is definitely Chas

Are you sure? Chas is a common nickname for Charles.

This Chas isn’t short for anything. His full name is Chas Kane McCormick.

Ok. Obviously I did not know. I bow to your superior McCormick knowledge.

His dad’s name is Robert.

Does he go by Bobz?


Are they related to the McCormick spice family?

His nephew calls him Bob.

“Hi, Bob”

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After game 5 he’s Chas Fucking McCormick to me.

And he’s still on my lockscreen.


Maybe McCormick Distilling.

I have watched that catch about 500 or so times and it’s absolute perfection. From the perfect path to the short step to perfectly time the jump to the perfect high-pointing the ball on a perfect backhand to the perfect brace off the wall with the left arm all the way to the Immaculate Impression.

Just fucking perfect.


Actually it’s McCormick Contracting - I read somewhere about Chas working for his dad doing house painting during the covid year.

Chas had himself a hell of an ALCS too.

Chas is just a baller and an Astro

I wonder if he will ever have to buy his own drinks in the Houston area again?

What a chav!

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dude helped us win a WS…thanks Chas or Chaz or Mr. McCormick.

what a great frickin catch.