Marlins @ Astros, June 10, 2022


Leadoff hitter: strike one, strike two, home run. 1-0 Marlins.

2-0 Marlins

FB location not so great for Garcia

Gonna have to out slug them

Fucking Christ, Luis. I didn’t see the first HR, but that one was a meaaaaaaaatball.

Bogusevic said the 1st one was 0-2 96 mph fastball up at the letters.

The first one was in his eyes.


Garcia ends up striking out the side, but gives up two solo home runs. 2-0 Marlins.

Strike 3 for out 3 was also a 96 MPH fastball right down the pipe. Hitter was obviously not looking for heat though and was an hour behind it.



That gets one back

Alvarez doubles to LF. Marlins challenging that he came off the bag. And he did. Should be overturned into an out

Yep. He’s out. Came off the bag a micron on the overslide.


E4 to lead it off.

1-4-3 twin killing.

The dumbest application of replay in sports, and that includes assailed calling in to say some golfer accidentally moved a blade of grass or something.

Stallings dribbles one to 2B, no one there. Shiftfuck single on an exit velo of 37 mph

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Middle of two…2-1 Marlins

Any inning they don’t score works for me