Mariners @ Space City, May 3, 2022

Fuck. C.B.

Flexen looks like he’s going through withdrawals.

After 2 it’s all zeros.


Peña leads off with a single up the middle…Astros first base runner

Jeez, Bucknor is awful tonight, even for him

There’s no telling with good ol’ C.B…

Meanwhile…Peña get his first Major League bag

Altuve walks…two on, two out for Brantley

He’s flat out guessing.

Brantley strikes it pretty well, but right at the CFer. No score through three.


Dead CF. 1-0 Astros

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Yordan flexin’ on Flexen.

If they put one of those insane pitch clocks into MLB, they will never have to throw a pitch to Tucker.

Think how much cleaner his hands will be.


No thanks to the cameraman, who made a foul ball seem like Crawford sent one into the second deck

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Crawford rung up on a CB special. Ouch.

Man, Crawford got hosed.

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Toro hit by a 3-2 pitch. That’s the worst.

C.B. must have known it, because he said some bad words in a very demonstrative way.

Javier struggling with command with two outs