Mariners at Astros, September 7, 2021

Odorizzi vs Gilbert

M’s and Astros have traded a couple of soft hits to CF.

Alvarez drove one to the deep part of LF.

Gilbert looks like Judge Reinhold circa Fast Times.

Another single for Seattle in the 3rd but nothing else.

How did Chas not hit that?

Chas and Maldy done in by sliders.

Altuve HOMERS off the foul pole in left!

His bat did a funky little dip as it went through the zone. If he had kept it flat he would have crushed that pitch.

He swings and misses a ton.

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Brantley rips one to the wall in right for a loud single.

Bregman doubles to the gap in right, Uncle Mike motors in from 1st.


Alvarez pops out to left.

But the Astros put up a 2 spot.

Cole out with hamstring injury in the 4th tonight. Are the Yankees in another tailspin?

Gee, I certainly hope not.


I read Boston has 11 players out with Covid. Holy cow.


1-2-3 4th for Eggs.

Great inning for Jake.

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Yuli Ks swinging
Correa Ks looking at ball 4
Tucker singles sharply to RF
McCormick (Tucker takes 2nd on catcher’s nightmare) walks
Machete pops out foul in front of the M’s dugout

Shame he couldn’t follow it up.

Single and a double put runners on 2nd/3rd with no outs.

It would be a damn shame if one of the few teams under the 85% threshold for vaccines missed the playoffs because of something like that.


F9 too shallow for the runner to try to score