Mariners at Astros, April 28, 2021

Grienke on the bump

2 Ks followed by a rule book double by Seager.

Lewis Ks.

Mid 1

Loud F7 for Altuve.

Ms starter is right Justin Dunn btw.

Brantley Ks swinging, completed 2-3.

Bregman 6-3

End 1

Straw and Chas almost got to merge their dental records.


That’s Straw’s ball.

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Marmalade Ks on a foul tip

Trammell 3U

Mid 2

Tucker is batting .182 but the broadcast tells us he’s 4th in the league in hard hit balls.

He walks.

Tucker swipes second

Yuli, who leads the league in hard hit balls (defined as EV > 95 mph), pops out on the infield.

Did Tucker spill his coffee?

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Correa 2-0, fouls off a ball 18 inches inside, 3-1, pops out to second.

Jack shit so far with runner on 2nd.

McCormick singles to left, Tucker scores, Chas takes 2nd on the throw home.

Well done, rookie.

Holy shit Trammell has a wet noodle.

4 hopper isn’t ideal?

Straw singles up the middle, McCormick scores.


Nice job, Myles.

Nice to see Straw McCormick and Tucker making positive contributions.


Machete pops out foul to first base side.

Aggressive running gets the Astros up 2-0.

Torrens homers deep to left


Snapped 0 for 21 steak.

2nd HR of his career.