Mariners @ Astros, July 9, 2023

Well, we got to have Pena in the 2-spot for 1 game.

Dubón 2B
Bregman 3B
Tucker RF
Abreu 1B
Diaz DH
McCormick LF
Peña SS
Meyers CF
Maldonado C


I cannot stress this enough…


Edit to add: Putting pop with with RISP machine Bregman in the 2 hole is borderline fucking criminal.

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Let’s change the mood.

Fucking loving the Nationals right now!

Ok boys, let’s not fuck this one up

Smoking the same La Aroma de Cuba, but drinking white wine. It’s hot out here.

TK couldn’t wait one more game before his vacation?

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Is that what your boss says? “Your vacation starts Monday, not end of day Friday before…you should be working this weekend”

Bielak with a clean first inning

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Seriously, is there somebody out there that listens to Eshenfelder call a game and thinks “yeah, that’s pretty good.”

I’m sure someone does. Some people think Pete Davidson is funny.

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At least its not Eshenfelder and Stanton. My head might actually explode

Popup Bregman. Yay

My boss [me] has never said a cross word to me about days off or vacations.

I’ve seen some bits of his that are funny but they are the exception, not the rule. He’s no Tracy Morgan… thats the most unfunny comedian of all time

Astros down quickly on 9 pitches

No score

Gilbert’s been solid against the Stros his whole career

I’ve never seen Davidson ever be anything remotely close to a slight hint of humor. He makes Al Gore look like Robin Williams. And I think Morgan was hysterical before his accident.

Nice timing, Chas

I’ve never seen either do standup, but both have had their moments for me in skits and shows.

Pete Davidson is a “comedian” in the same way Martin Maldonado is a “sprinter”. He may be the single least funny person I’ve ever seen.