Mariners @ Astros, July 8, 2023

Fox broadcast

Dubón 2B
Peña SS
Tucker RF
Bregman 3B
Abreu 1B
Diaz DH
Julks LF
McCormick CF
Maldonado C


Watching the MLR Championship currently on Fox.

Let’s hope Framber is at his best tonight.

Good man. As am I.

Good match so far, but amazing how slow the pace is compared to international rugby.

New England is taking advantage of San Diego’s mistakes.

They are indeed and doing a great job of keeping SD’s defense on its back foot. When SD has the ball in hand, I really like their open style of play. The support runners have been tremendous.

That was a good match.

Really good match. Heartbreaking for SD to lose because of a knock on. That’s Howie goddamn Kendrick level of pain.


Anybody else in the house tonight?

I’m at my house. Drinking an El Presidente, smoking La Aroma de Cuba Pasión, and thankful Jeremy Peña is back in the 2-hole where he belongs.

I’m hoping the vermouth is good for more than one run.

And just like that, Peña singles, rides home on a double by Tucker

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Tucker now has has 56 rbi.

Which means he just passed Yordan.

Which means Yordan has desensitized us to how prolific he is.

Runner at 3B, one out for Bregman…

Breggy gets it done

Bregman singles to LF, Tucker scores. WooHoo!

I find most things about this Mariners team annoying.

It starts with Servais. For being an ex Astro, he sure is a monumental dickhead.


End of one…2-0 Astros

That glare is eliminating half the screen for me