Mariners @ Astros, July 27, 2020

Mariners with two on, one out in the first…

James getting squeezed, but manages to strand a pair. Astros coming to bat. No score


Springer strikes out swinging
Altuve strikes out looking
Bregman strikes out looking.

Fucking pathetic.


Jesus, that was pathetic.

What the fuck are they looking at?

So the last six at bats by those three have resulted in six strike outs. Awesome.

Strikes, apparently.

James is throwing darts.

Our stars apparently have opted out and not told anyone.

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Brantley singles to RCF for the Astros first baserunner.

Yuli grounds into a FC, but Correa follows with a single. Two one, one out

Reddick gidp to kill the inning.

No score

Altuve got rung up on a pitch at the letters, and James hasn’t gotten a single up pitch so far.

Getting squeezed pretty good.

Back to back walks to lead off the 3rd…

James walks the bases loaded…nobody out

Great 3-2 pitch 15 feet wide.

8 outs, 60 pitches.

Seager gidp, but a run scores. 1-0 Mariners

Jesus Fucking Christ.

2 great pitches to get to 1-2, then throws a fucking meatball.