Mariners @ Astros, July 26, 2020


Long, 2B
Crawford, SS
Lewis, CF
Seager, 3B
White, 1B
Marmolejos, DH
Lopes, LF
Smith, RF
Hudson, C

Kikuchi, P


Springer, CF
Altuve, 2B
Brantley, LF
Bregman, 3B
Gurriel, 1B
Correa, SS
Jones, DH
Reddick, RF
Maldonado, C

Greinke, P

Jones, who I had not heard of before seeing him at RR last year, had a good year. 6’7” with some pop. He played first base mostly but also third and left field.

I saw him in a couple of the exhibition games, but don’t know anything about him. Hopefully, he fits in. Will be nice when Alvarez is ready.

RH hitter. Homer and RBI guy for the Express but hit for a decent average too.


Long grounds out 6-3


Crawford grounds pit 4-3 on a diving backhanded stop by Altuve. Put a blue star next to that one!


Lewis…0-2…1-2…2-2…chops slowly to 3B, Bregman comes in and fields it, but double clutches, and has no chance…infield single

Lewis can fly.


Seager doubles off the LCF wall, Lewis scores


Shame…Greinke made good pitches to him, but the little dribbler has cost at least one run now.

Thought the double was a routine fly off the bat. Nope, high off the screen.


White singles to LF, Seager scores


Greinke with 2-outs…again this year?

They’re hitting the shit out of the ball so far.


Marmolejos flies out F8 at the top of the CF wall

Mariners smack the ball around a little, lead 2-0

Jesus Christ, Grienke will be lucky to make it through 3 at this pace.

Man, those balls are carrying.


Springer grounds out 4-3 on the first pitch



Tight zone. We might be here a while