Mariners @ Astros, August 22, 2021

Framber with a quick 1-2-3 first

Astros also go quietly.

No score after one.



1-0 Astros

Damn, they scored that an error! No way. After Seager took a step back, that was a hit.

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TJ gets the run home. He don’t want to Skeet no more!

After two…2-0 Astros

They may change it after looking at it a few times.

They have to, I hope someone is on the phone to the scorer.

Thank you, but what a terrible call.

Altuve and Yuli looking like Altuve and Yuli.

It’s a good look for them.

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Looks like they changed the first error to a double for Jones.

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Man, HPU is really struggling.

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Bases juiced, two out for Diaz…

Love the running commentary w/ Bagwell in the box - it’s teaching baseball, helping us notice and appreciate situational adjustments. Feels good to learn more about the wonderful game.

For the good of the game - and fans - I wish they would capture the exchanges throughout the game(s) for future broadcasts…

Well that was a disappointing inning

2-0 Astros still

Cabrera hit #500.

I think they left as many on base in that inning as they did all of yesterday.

The link includes the gameday zone. Ouch.

Catcher almost threw his helmet into Seager. Seager told him to throw it behind the plate, not at 3B.

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