Mariners @ Astros, August 14, 2020

Keep the ball rolling, boys.

Good to George back in the lineup.

Hey, I’m getting an Astros blackout and seeing the Rockets game. In Spurs TV territory. It’s like some knucklehead at ATT Sportsnet flipped the wrong switch?!?!?

Which is double aggravating seeing as the Rockets game is also on ESPN.

I’m getting the Astros on ATT and the Rockets on the alternate channel.

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I’ve got the Astros on regular ATT SW.

Framber struggling in the first. Two walks and a balk

I’ve got it now too and the Rockets are still not blacked out on the ATT alternate.

Now a stolen base. Runners on the corners, one out…

Guess Framber’s dalliance with the strike zone was short-lived.

Sure would be nice if he would get reacquainted

Sac fly, 1-0 Mariners

Why would it be blacked out? NBA doesn’t blackout local telecasts.

God, this is agonizing.

Now a hit batter. Framber a fucking train wreck.

Framber was leading the league in throwing strikes, now he can’t hit the side of a fucking barn.

Not complaining, just asking:

Is this the same umpiring crew we’ve had for the past 2 series?

Past five series

So it’s time to get the lube out.

Finally the inning over. One run on two walks, one hit by pitch, one stolen base, one balk, and zero hits

1-0 Mariners