Mariners @ Astros, 8/20/2023

Altuve 2B
Bregman 3B
Alvarez DH
Diaz C
McCormick RF
Singleton 1B
Dubón CF
Julks LF
Peña SS


Tucker was at the park doing some running with the trainers this morning.

Man the bottom of that lineup is weak.

This looks like a Mariner’s sweep to me.

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Dusty Baker said Kyle Tucker is “getting better” and wanted to play to but “he’s been in bed three days.” He said he might pinch hit.

Is this game not on TV in Houston? (Maybe that’s a good thing.)

So the game is not being televised?

It’s on Peacock, probably exclusively.

Exclusively on the Cock.

I swear I just heard Blum on the pregame. eta: it is Blum doing color

Chas with an adventure play in RF…ball drilled, off his glove, 1st pitch 2B for, you guessed it, Julio Rodriguez

What the fuck is Peacock?

NBC streaming service

They get the “First Game of the Day” 19 Sundays this year. Today is our turn.

Oh good fucking grief. It’s like they’re actively shoving me away with both hands.

They can exclusively kiss my ass.

Blum just said that Tucker went to the batting gloves because he didn’t have time to go through his whole dirt rubbing routine and felt rushed due to the new rules. Hadn’t heard that before.

Brown spikes a 1-out curve, Rodriguez to 3B, K on the next pitch

The PBP guy sounds British, which is weird to hear.

WP #2 scores the run. Diaz did a spectacularly craptastic job of not moving his body and glove and just stabbing at the ball.

If MLB wants games on Peacock, they should be on nationally, but still allow it to be aired on the local broadcast of the teams involved. Fans should not have to have Apple TV + and Peacock to watch their home team play.


Same with Apple…and of course they’re picking good games for their steamings, Houston has had Atl/Phi/NYY/Sea so far, with 1 more Padres game on Apple to go.

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Yep. Same with Amazon and the NFL.

I fell for the apple thing and subscribed.

Whatever. I like Ted Lasso and Severance. And For All Mankind.

But there is zero NBC content that interests me on any platform, much less one that I have to pay for. Or cancel a trial subscription to avoid paying for.

Gameday and the radio stream it is.

The Astros are playing some bad baseball this weekend.