Manfred's Cockamaime Rules

I heard on the radio that the extra inning ghost runner and the seven inning double header will be discontinued for the '22 season. Supposedly Manfred said that they were only “pandemic measures”, whatever the hell that means.

Another way of looking at it is that Manfred is the last person on Earth to realize those rule changes were stupid as shit.


He also said he would have ended them for this season had he known where we would be this summer, regarding the pandemic. Um, you implemented a major rule change in the middle of the season with the sticky substance, Manfred, so why can’t you just drop this shit now?


And get rid of the 3 batter minimum while you’re at it.


Am I the only one who kinda likes the 3 batter rule?

Yes, you are.


I like it when the other team’s guy is sucking.

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I repent of thinking ill of Bud Selig. I had no idea how good we had it

Hallelujah: "MLB likely to drop seven-inning doubleheaders, extra-innings runner rule in 2022, commissioner Rob Manfred says"

— Josh Kraushaar (@HotlineJosh) July 13, 2021
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Fuck Manfred

And Selig.

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I’m indifferent on that one.

I don’t like the 3 batter rule but I do think that one is here to stay. That rule wasn’t a COVID rule implementation so we are gonna be stuck with it.

This is false.

Also it sounds as if Manfred is going to push for rule changes banning the shift…

As fucking stupid as I think that is, there is no doubt it will put more runners on base and be a boon to the left-handed hitter especially.

I’m always fighting with myself about these rule changes. On the one hand: dumb and arbitrary. On the other: baseball in its current iteration (three true outcomes, slow af, ubiquitous advertising) is demonstrably worse than it was even 15 years ago.

The line from Mailer applies as always: how cruel but how just, that a man must change or pay more to remain the same.

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This is where I am too. I’ve gone from being totally against restricting defensive alignments to now supporting some type of shift adjustment. Personally, I favor a rule requiring two fielders on each side of second versus all infielders in the dirt regardless of where they line up.

I dunno. I doubt that the three batter rule has had as much effect as you think. The one place that it clearly stopped a former practice is when a lefty specialist would be brought in, but that didn’t happen all that often, and even now a lefty specialist can be brought in provided the prior pitcher could be removed. He just has to stay in. So I suspect righties are as likely to benefit as lefties, except that righties have problems with lefties too. I just don’t see it as a big loss, and it was definitely a move that slowed games.

I also suspect that managers don’t often bring pitchers in and pull them after one or two batters, even when they’re having trouble. Usually managers give a failing reliever a bit of leeway to settle down, so even before the rule change you’d only rarely see a pitcher come in, fail on one batter, then get pulled. Maybe in a real disaster pitchers face one or two more batters than they would normally have faced, but overall it doesn’t make sense to me that the rule change affects how a lot of games are managed, or results in a passel of additional baserunners.

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Was the 3 batter minimum in effect for the playoffs? I can’t remember.

2020? There were playoffs?

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I do not like the shift, but I vigorously disagree with and oppose MLB telling managers where they must position fielders. Same with baseball telling managers how to use the bullpen. No!


I was referring to the potentially proposed shift rule, not the 3-batter rule.

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