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I’m not seeing it anywhere, although he has a press conference today

Manfred is resigned to delaying spring training?

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I think that’s it.

I got a notice this morning from somewhere. Maybe it was fake. I really want to believe it. Sorry if I jumped the gun.

Yeah, I do not find it now. Sorry. I tried to delete the topic, but the site will not let me.

You could just rename it. “Manfred an asshole!”


Good idea but I prefer it in all caps

Hopefully he’ll resign to actually negotiating meaningfully with the players sometime soon rather than just bad faith posturing.

Obviously it was fake. I really feel dumb.

You were looking for a silver lining. That’s optimistic not dumb.

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No one is perfect. You’re still the most credible source here of insider information.

I saw a tweet saying the same thing yesterday.

I think someone was just putting that out there to be an asshole to the asshole.

I was worried that he was being pushed out by the owners who felt that he was too conciliatory, and they were going to replace him with someone more to their liking, like a reanimated Josef Stalin.

Kodos for commissioner.

I get so many of those kinds of notices from sports apps. I should have checked before posting, and it should have been a tipoff when I got only one notice on news that big. My usual rule is research first, but I wanted that to be true so damn much.

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I wish it was true as well. Instead, he continues to ruin the game. Just this morning announcing the universal DH and no compensatory draft picks for FA signings, empowering the big market teams that much more.

That can only be the bidding of the big market teams.

What does that say to the small market fans?

Enjoy watching the talent your team can’t re-sign develop, oh and please draft well so we can do it to you again down the line. But you won’t get any extra picks. The Yankees and Dodgers need those.

Sounds like small market owners are getting what they want too, if Manfred is indeed holding the line on revenue sharing. That is probably a much higher priority for them than draft compensation.

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The players also think it hinders the market for free agents.