Luhnow's final undervalued resource find

I realized recently how much of the Astros pitching this season were older international
signees at bargain prices:

Framber, age 22, 10K,
Javier, 18, 10K,
Paredes, 18, 10K

International bonuses of that small amount of often harder to find so I wonder what other pieces he has uncovered that are on the way or have been traded recently.

Looks like ol Jeff found a way to exploit an undervalued resource and turn them into important major league parts.

Luhnow was a genius in building this org, but if it is true he withheld the Manfred memo from Hinch, he fucked up and deserved to be fired.

I had not heard this.

Reported widely, Waldo.

Agree he was a genius in building the organization and, because we was, I believe he knew everything important that was going on that could influence whether the team won or lost.

I have no idea how much baseball you played so I apologize if you know this. Knowing what is coming may keep you from being fooled, but it does not help you hit the ball.