Life is not all fun and games

I received devastating news about 15 minutes ago. Zane Grubbs, who was our ace pitcher on Brenham’s 1970 State Championship team, died this morning presumably from a stroke. He was at our team reunion a few weeks ago, and he and I texted frequently. He had one of the best years any HS pitcher ever had: 15-1, 106 1/3 IP, 196 K, 0.25 ERA. Zane pitched at UT after HS, and was the greatest of great guys.

The photo below is immediately after the final game. The photo captures our relationship perfectly. He was a wonderful kid who became a fine man.


I am very sorry for your loss.

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Ouch. So sorry to hear that.

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That is terrible.

So sorry for your loss.

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Sorry to hear about this, Jim. That coach/player relationship can be and often is one of the most impactful in peoples lives and it goes both ways. I’m sorry for your loss.

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We had a special one.

Love the smile on his face in the pic.
Thanks for sharing. Glad you impacted his life.

My thoughts and prayers are with his family and you, Jim.

I’m sorry for your loss.

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