Last night

I hate games like that one with a passion. I would much rather lose a drubbing. I know it sounds like 20-20 hindsight, but I swear I was thinking “walk him” on Toro the second Yuli chose to not try for the force at second with one out. Toro has been too much of an Astros killer (20 RBI on 18 hits,TK said) no matter who was next.

Especially annoying bc they fought back steadily and had big contributions from the back of the order to take the lead.

Framber’s 1st and Pressly’s 9th stick out (rightly).

But don’t forget Tucker had 3 pop ups with runners on scoring position. 2 of those were on first pitch.

Glad it’s a 3:10 start today.

Yep, the starter fooled Tucker twice with a first pitch changeup, and Tucker clearly was sitting fastball.

Tucker down to .184/.242/.322 over the last 4 weeks.

Would you ever send Tucker up there for an AB with instructions not to swing, just watch where all of the pitches go? Just to sort of recalibrate his eye? At this point, it’s a likely out anyway, maybe you get some more value out of the AB.

You can certainly tell him to go up and hunt for one particular pitch to do damage.

But you can’t take the bat out of his hand.

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Screw last night. Go get Josh Bell today and put the wind back in their sails.


This one really stuck with me the morning after. I totally agree. To fight back, scratch ahead and then lose one out away from a win. Damn.

Fuck these idiots

Oh, hell no.

That whole “change eye level” nonsense was some broadcaster’s invention, and now they all say it as though it were an axiom. The Mariner starter pitched backwards (changeup on fastball count) to Tucker in two straight ABs and fooled him both times.

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I didn’t like the way last night played out either, but the fact that Alvarez got up off the ground and seemed ok made everything else, including the loss, secondary and pretty much irrelevant. I initially thought he had fouled the ball off his foot and tore his ACL when reacting to that. After my wife was done using the defibrillator to wake me and I saw the replay of the foul going off his knee/shin I was very relieved.

I’m sure it hurts like hell this morning though.


I’ll second that. It might just be me, but I hate Scott Servais more than anyone else who wore an Astros uniform. I absolutely detest his ass….

Mike. Fiers.


Yordan’s in the lineup at DH today, which is great news


They hate playing in Houston and never win there. Last night would have been such a royal dick-kicking on our part had we hung on. I don’t blame them their jollies. It does seem to make it all the more important to put them on the mat again today.

Everyone hates fiers

Diaz is the hottest hitter on the planet but is not playing today. SMH.

Short memories.
I was mad at first, but just started remembering the joy of beating the Yanks, Dodgers, Reds, - any other contender for the WS - when that game was the closest the Astros would come to the playoffs.
Can’t blame them for getting excited…

Diaz carried the Astros last night. How stupid to sit him today.

The only way I can even get close to justifying Dusty’s way of giving off days if there is some analytical formula for rest for maximum health, performance, & freshness during the playoffs that the front office has given him to say: Make any line up you want but every x days, a player has to have time off.

I am sure someone could break down the off days by player and see if any patterns show up.

Other wise, I don’t get it.