Kyle Tucker

I know baseball is hard. Two years ago (or was it three) he was Spring Training Ted Williams. Are his ‘struggles’ mental or is there a swing flaw that MLB pitchers are exploiting?

His swing is very long and stiff. I have not seen the games so I do not know what pitchers are doing.

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He was the PBS “American Masters” long distance camera batting double for Ted Williams in their profile. At the time, I thought it a good omen

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I read that too and did not see the similarity, but I have not seen Williams’ swing in many years.

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It was his physical resemblance at a distance. No closeups were needed, so batting nuances were allowable

Yeah, I guess his slender body. Ted Williams was as thin as a rail at the beginning of his career. When I read the comparison initially, I thought they meant his swing, and I could not see it.

Tucker’s swing reminds me of my memories of Darryl Strawberry, but I doubt he could play him in a movie.

Similar, if my memory is correct, which is a risky proposition.

It will be encouraging when he gets his 1st hit in ST, but especially when it counts. I have been blaming limited ABs, but he is leading the team w/ plate appearances (18) w/ 1 SF, 1 BB, and 3 K’s.

Dusty is low key, comparing Tucker’s slow start to a guy named Steve Garvey. Forgot Reddick had arthroscopic shoulder surgery during the off season; he has appeared in only three games so far, w/ 8 AB.

According to the article, Tucker is working on defeating the shift w/ more hits up the middle & to SS.

Here’s hoping…

Sure he is.

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Ground rule double in the 1st today.

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Tucker adds a 2-run homer in the 3rd inning.

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There ya go…

Opps! For a few seconds, I thot I might have taken the bait after realizing this LH Tucker highlight is NOT our Kyle.

Is anyone listening to ST games via free Haven’t been able to get it to work.

Now a triple away from the cycle after a single in the 5th.

Sometimes you just have to say it out loud to break the curse. Not that I’m taking credit for the prior 0-16.

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“Thumbs up!”

Doubt he will get 4 ABs. Maybe tomorrow…

Getting my annoyance in midseason form. Feels good.

Yay, Tucker got a hit!!!

Forrest Gump sums it up nicely,