Korey Lee

Good for him to get hits and RBI. I am of the strong opinion, though, when Castro is healthy, Lee needs to go back to AAA. He needs PT and ABs, and he will not get much of either backing up Machete this year, and most certainly will get neither in the playoffs. He has gotten his feet wet now, and next year will be his to be on the roster.


one step at a time, but i tend to agree.

Found a whimsical hint from a “Yahoo” fan that took a trip down memory lane. Don’t know if you saw that comment or glimpsed what might have inspired that memory - perhaps 0:14 into this clip.

The historic comparison - a high compliment to Lee - made me smile.

Maldy had one 4 days ago

Ah! So much to learn.
How many times HAS an Astros catcher had three or more hits, Doyce7?
Where did you find that information?
Loved the reference by the fan to Biggio!’ Would that be something)
Much obliged!


Are you replying to Bob???

RMPL means “read more, post less.”

A fond but faint hope many have.