Kinder Building

If you are looking for something to do in Houston, I cannot recommend MFAH Kinder Building enough. I checked it out today and am going to have to take days to visit and see it all to appreciate. The building itself is gorgeous, the exhibits are amazing. It is a must see. I’m not sure where the MFAH ranks in the world but it moved it to the top.


I keep forgetting to go.

The two tunnels are worth going alone!
UH has two pieces on campus by artists there.
I really do not know where they got all that art. There is so much!

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The MFAH has always had a huge collection that it doesn’t have displayed, something like 20% was displayed at any time. I’m sure even with Kinder it still does. I can’t wait to see it.

If you become a member of MFAH (pretty cheap), you get invites to events where you can see the exhibits and you can drink while doing so. Win-win.

You also get free access to shitloads of other museums around the country. If you live in Houston and are not a total redneck, it’s a no-brainer.

I did not know about the other museums options, but my membership is worth it for MFAH already.

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To get free museum access, you have to sign up in one of the higher categories. The normal museum membership doesn’t cover it. If you’re traveling a lot, it’s a pretty good deal though.

I don’t recall this from my membership experience. Either the regular family membership offered access to other museums or whatever upgrade I elected in order to receive that benefit was so minimally different in price that I have no recollection of it.

It may have changed, but the cheapest level now with reciprocal privilege is the $200 patron. It was a great deal the year we did it, but we were traveling to New York, Chicago, and Boston. Right now we’ve got the $90 dual membership.

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I’m curious, do they have any art by Julian Schnabel on display?

Finally made it to the Kinder Building. It is very impressive. Also spent a few hours across the street in the Law building taking in the over 400 pieces M.C. Escher exhibition from the Michael S. Sachs collection. Also got an up close look at the Obama’s presidential portraits currently on display there too. Nice experience.

The National Portrait Gallery is one of my favorite museums in Washington. So many really cool pieces, though I have to say, I am not a fan of the Obama portraits.

Didn’t know about the Escher exhibit, will check that out next time I’m in town for a game.

I really like Barack’s, Michelle’s is not very well done.

ETA: I don’t dislike Michelle’s portrait but I am familiar with Amy Sherald’s other works and think she has produced much better paintings than Michelle’s

Membership also gets you a 15% discount at the new restaurant Cafe Leonelli in the Kinder building. It’s really good too. (This is the lunch place not the ultra-fancy new restaurant Le Jardinier also in the Kinder building).

I was Eschered out by the 4th room. That is a lot of Escher.

We had to leave to make it to dinner and the game on time before I got to the 4th room.

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Well that’s a good thing because the exit of the 4th room somehow takes you directly back to the 1st room and it’s annoying as shit.

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