Keston Hiura

He was dfa’d by the Brewers. Former big prospect 2B. Pretty good power but huge strikeout issues. I wonder if the Astros could fix him. I feel like he might be worth a flyer.

He’s also allegedly been pretty bad at 2B, if that’s the case I don’t know how he fits.

In 2020, last time he played mostly 2B, statcast has him in the 22nd percentile. I’m not sure how much of that is a range issue but I do know he has a weak arm, so maybe he had trouble playing short right in the shift.

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Yuli drove in the winning run today for the Marlins.

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We’d have to trade for him, I assume, because somebody would claim him if he went to waivers, right?

Probably, I doubt it would take much but maybe anything is too much for a flyer

Oh I’m totally for taking a flyer on the guy…I was just wondering how it would work.