Kansas City A's @ Astros, 8-24

8-24 is the date, not the final score.

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Not the hitting with RISP?

In your wildest dream. That would be at twice the clip they’ve shown the last few days.

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I hope this attempt works better than the one you tried last week in Kansas City, Neil.

It won’t.

Somebody has to make Yordan swing at a first pitch strike every once in a while. I know he’s trying to be selective, but he’s just winding up 0-2 all the time and then getting worked over by the pitchers.

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What about Carlos? Should we make him swing at meatballs too?

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This is the kind of shit why you lose to bad teams. Bases loaded, one out…1-1 count and you get a fat fastball right down the fucking center of the plate. Nope. Waiting for a slider two feet outside that I can punch slowly to an infielder.

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TE6 plates two runs. 3-0 Astros

Perez is inhuman behind the plate.

I will take pbp for a bit.

How about some hits w/RISP then. Get on it!

I claim responsibility for the Diaz “hit” already for reasons of my own.

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Benintendi grounds out 4-3 on one pitch.

Dozier k’s swinging

O’Hearn does too.

On to the bottom of the 2nd…

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Knox is my hero and is a former player for Coach Raup.

Attaboy, Taylor.

Boys and girls, I love Taylor Jones’ swing. I hope we do not send him down.

Fuck. Is it the same idiot from last night behind the plate?

Castro k’s swinging

Jones singles on the ground into right

Altuve flies out to center

Brantley, on a full count, walks.

Alvarez grounds out to first on first pitch.

On to the top of the 3rd…

Damn right.

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