I know most of you despise him, but I think you will enjoy his clip on the beer can throwing NYY fans after the win against Cleveland. He did not pull punches, try to excuse, or spare the profanity in his takedown of the animals in the bleachers.

Broken clock, etc

I suspect he was a pawn in the buzzer thing.

He’s a YouTuber/fan/entertainer, not a journalist.

I’m still pissed at his role in the buzzer story but he’s seemed like a reasonable person otherwise.


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After his bullshit hit job on the Astros he can choke on a whole bag of dicks.

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He’s really entertaining and often insightful when he’s not talking about the Astros. His videos have gotten a friend of mine into baseball. Yeah he pisses me off sometimes but I think he’s doing a good job promoting the game.

He’s a sensational hack who made his bones pimping wild-ass conspiracy theories. I get that it earns him clicks, and by default, people talking about baseball. But he “promotes” the game the same way QAnon “promotes” Presidential elections.

Mark got me into him pre-“scandal.” I hated what he did about the issue, and I will not watch anything he does about it, but I like him otherwise.

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He had a large following before the trash-banging, and I am clueless about your criticisms not involving the Astros. He is a fan of the game, and his breakdowns are consistently good.

I think the way explains little episodes in a game is generally pretty great, much better than others, and as mentioned I’ve met people that its really got them into baseball in general. His treatment of the Astros is the only reason I don’t watch him.

Understood. I will not support him.

Your choice, of course. I just do not let his crap about the Astros infect the other things he does. I feel the same about Rosenthal.