Joe Kelly

Shooting his mouth off again on somebody’s podcast. Also presumes to speak for all other MLB players about the “forever tainted” Astros.

Joe Kelly can eat a whole bag of dicks.

And he absolutely doesn’t speak for anyone but Joe Kelly.

I actually listened to the R2C2 podcast which is Ryan Rucco and CC Sabathia and CC basically said that after everything the Astros have done since 2017 validates everything and added “it shows that we were not that fucking close” when talking about the 17 ALCS.

Really interesting podcast. I had never listened to that podcast before but I had heard of it. I got a tip that CC said something positive about the Astros so I listened.


Oh fuck him. These days so many MLBers have said it’s time to move on, or that many other teams were doing the same damn thing, that they far outnumber the ones who are still bitching about it.


Fuck that guy


Agreed. Fuck him. The article I read was very misleading. Did not mention Sabathia’s comments.

Here is the pod that I refered to if anybody wants to watch

6.08 ERA this year.

Astros stole signs but he’s stealing money.


Dude has been a good pitcher in 3 of his last 9 seasons, not counting his 11 games in the covid year. Stealing money is what he does

Edit I accidentally included the covid year. It’s 2 of 8


Who is Joe Kelley?

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I have no clue.

Joe Kelly is a pitcher.

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Fuck them both.

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Anyone named Joe Kelly or Joe Kelley. This week anyway.