James Harden Trade

Harden finally wore out his welcome. Rockets get three players and four 1st round picks. The Nets must have consulted Bill O’Brien.

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That’s a fucking great return for a disgruntled player

This was inevitable. Hope the Nets are happy, it all depends on where the picks are.

Fuck Harden

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A player whom everyone agrees has just quit trying for you. And you managed to get four 1st round picks, in addition to two players. At least the Rockets got something. O’Brien would have given away Harden and four 1st round picks for a second round pick. And thrown in a suite at Toyota Center for good measure.


I can’t hardly believe the Rockets got 4 first round picks and Oladipo.

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Chris Paul
Russell Westbrook
John Wall

Now it’s Kyrie’s turn as PG. This should last a year or so, unless Durant can make it work.


Harden just opened a restaurant in Houston. I doubt it’ll draw big crowds.

I hope he wears a hair net over that beard when he cooks.

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Why is that guy wearing a chef’s outfit?

Maybe there’s someone in the next room cosplaying as a fireman. Or possibly a paramedic.