Is he ready?

107 ABs. .252 BAVG. .389 OBP. .514 SLG. .903 OPS.

27 H: 9DBs, 2TRP, 5 HR - 19 RBIs

10SB (4 CS)

One little flaw - 42 Ks in 107 ABS. Ok, not so little.

That’s Pedro Leon’s season thus far for the Space Cowboys.

Call him up?

To replace whom?

The 42 K’s seems like a glaring “needs more seasoning” sign to me. If AAA pitchers are doing that to him…

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Call him up and do what? Who do you want him to replace? And a pace for 200 strikeout in a big league season is considerably more than a “little flaw”. That’s Chris Carter kind of futility. Let the kid develop some.


What HH said. Besides having no place for him to play, that many Ks is not “little.”

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not at this time. Let him get more repetitions in on a regular basis. Maybe at a later time this year. I do think we could see one of our centerfielders possibly being moved for different pieces at some point.

This pilot is crushing it in the simulator but crashes about 20% of the time. Should we put him in the air?


I’d like to see us move Bagwell to 3rd.