Iran Under Attack

Major explosions have been reported in at least seven Iranian cities. Oil facilities, ammunition depots, and at least one military base has been attacked.

There is a great deal of confusion, it may be drones, it may be planes, it may be sabotage. Some are blaming Israel, of course, and it may very well be true, but nobody knows at the moment.

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Drones used against Iran would be an interesting turn.

Is this the “find out” portion?

They’ve damn sure been fucking around enough.

There’s been a lot of finding out happening lately. Let’s hope it continues.

I know details are sparse right now but if anyone has links to good reporting on this I am very curious to read more. The major outlets don’t seem to have much.

If ALL the major outlets have almost nothing, including BBC and Al Jazera, after 36 hours, it typically means all the breathless suppositions of the twitterverse are likely wrong. Again.


No kidding. I’ve already seen several “omg WWIII?” posts flying around on twitter, while the actual reporters in the field aren’t treating this like a huge deal and the official statement out of Iran is pretty mellow. I’m sure it’s an interesting story–it’s just unclear what the story actually is.

My bet is it’s just another skirmish in the Israel/Iran shadow “war” where they assassinate each other, blow up key facilities thru sabotage or funding proxies or are just generally awful to one another. Not based on anything other than precedence.

Here you go:
Attack on Iran extremely successful