Interesting Tidbit on Today's ST Game

Whitley is the starter today too.

First time actually watching a spring training game this year. Those bases are more jarring to me than the pitch clock so far

Same tidbit was noted over a week ago in the Bus Ride.


And what?

Just wondering about your comment.

Whitley went 2 innings, allowing a 2 run HR, but did not walk anyone.

How did he look to you? I saw bits and pieces but not the entire two innings.

I thought he pitched ok. Shame about the homer. Box score doesn’t have the number of pitches/strikes thrown so I don’t know about strike to ball ratio. I’m no pitching expert, but I don’t like his delivery. He seems stiff to me rather than letting it flow, if that makes any sense at all.

Edit: Rome says he threw 24 of 35 pitches for strikes.

I only saw a few pitches, and I thought he was overthrowing his fastball a bit. That is totally understandable to me; he is trying to make an impression.

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This is cool:

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Saw Jake make a throw from warning track in LF to SS. Couldn’t tell for sure if he was letting it rip, but if he was…not fantastic.

That’s troubling. I am hoping for a bounce-back season from Meyers.

He’s got an arm that produces looping throws. It’s what he is. He seems to be able to go get a ball pretty well, and he may turn out to be decent at the plate, but other teams are always going to run on his arm.

Justin Dirden waits in the wings

Hulk angry!

So Hunter B. came out of the game today after sucking for 16 pitches. If any of you watched him, did he appear to be injured?

Not televised today.

Ah, ok. I am wondering about his outing.