Inevitable You-Know-Who Thread

A lot more of them than us in this state.

This is so fucking perfect.

Maybe there’s something to the GOP’s fear mongering.

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I read that, and the thing that I found most amazing - the fact that this idiot was taken down not by a good guy with a gun as the lunatic mythology would have it but by a good guy without a gun, that doesn’t surprise me - what amazed me was that when the police arrived they didn’t immediately murder this Fierro fellow. He was holding a pistol, covered in blood, and, well, he was in a state of high agitation. They did cuff him and stick him in the back of a cruiser for an hour or two, though, so there’s that.

His daughter’s long time boyfriend was one of the victims.


I know a few drag queens and this sounds about right.

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Trump decides that it’s a good strategy to shit all over his packed Supreme Court.

The stuff about Biden is genuinely hilarious, given that he has released years and years of tax returns.

But it just goes to show that the only way to stay inside the circle is to keep delivering for the Dear Leader.

He claims Joe’s not paying taxes on the illegal money made.

I say practice what you preach.

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Every accusation a confession.

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I don’t think “unprecedented” means what he thinks it means.

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He’s the only person in his world, so a first for him has no precedent

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In case you’re wondering if voter suppression really makes a difference.