Incoming TX Cold

No power and i haven’t had it since around 2am. So glad i have a battery charger.

Same here. Centerpoint’s website and phone lines are down.

I have power but the waterline from the pumphouse froze. So no water. No flushing. 5 inches, dry powder.

I have an electric toothbrush. This is serious.

Actually the water line’s pretty bad, but I guess you can melt snow?

ETA. The toothbrush battery is charged. I think it’s going to be ok!

5” is legit snow. Where are you located?

I’m in New Braunfels.

Haven’t measured outside yet, but reports are anywhere from 4"-8" in my area (north Austin / Round Rock). I’m guessing 6" here, with drifts up to my knees on the side of the house.

6 degrees on my drive in today.

Very brief power loss this AM for us.

I’d guess 6 inches of snow.

You don’t need power to flush. Just melt some snow or dip a bucket in the river and fill up the tank.

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Woke up to a busted water main. Well, not wake up, it busted about 7:00. I have it fixed, but no hot water in the house, which means the hot water lines are frozen up somewhere in the walls. I guess I’ll find out where when it thaws in a few days.

We have heat. We have food. We are thankful for that.


Reading stories on Twitter of people with infants, elderly parents/grandparents, people with special needs, etc. in their homes where the indoor temp is below 40. This storm is going to kill some people that did everything right.

Nature doesn’t discriminate.

The common refrain in viticulture is Mother Nature bats last.

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“Viticulture” is a good word, btw.

ERCOT is possibly deciding this power outage. They have a Twitter account but it sounds like anyone who bought a kitchen aid mixer during the pandemic and didn’t plug it is to blame.

I’m fine but i can’t imagine if someone needed to warm a baby bottle.

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Or an 80 year old woman dealing with a broken pipe in her kitchen.

Growing Vitis vinifera is a rather esteemed profession.

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My 89 year old dad and 85 year old mom are stuck in their Ft Worth suburban home with no electricity and a busted water pipe on an outside wall leaking into the master bathroom. Waiting on a plumber with no established ETA and refusing to go to the Comfort Inn a half a mile away. They’ve got blankets, books, flashlights and batteries. My dad cooked meals today on his camp stove in the garage (with garage door open) and they’ve been snacking on celery and carrot sticks. Keeping their phones charged as needed with the USB port in their car. They are being brave but I know they are uncomfortable as fuck and stressing a bit. And there’s nothing I can do, which frustrates the hell out of me.

ETA: They are suppose to have power back on this evening. And I have a nephew that lives nearby to check on them.
ETA: and just now my power went out. Hopefully just a rolling blackout.

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Hope the power comes back for your folks and you real soon, and hope they choose the hotel option if it doesn’t come back soon.

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Don’t expect the power to get back on until Tuesday, probably afternoon if then.

I’m fucking cold. Abbott and the state should have had a plan. Everyone knew this was coming. People could freeze in their homes.

And Cornyn is bitching about the secretary of the interior is against fracking. Idiots. The whole lot of them.

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