In WTF News?

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There’s been no shortage of clowns behind the plate this season.


All right folks you’ve been great, good night. Drive safely.


You forgot “I’ll see myself out!”


They’re not recruiting in the right places. They should try the TX statehouse.

There’s always Louie…

Sorry. One of the greatest sketches ever, not available on the internet.

At least the vandal was creative (and a damn good shot) and gave the headline writer at the Post some good material…

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I’ll bet they’re pissed off about it in Kingsland, Arkansas.

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Saw that and all I did was verify it wasn’t Kingsland,TX

Here’s the dude who shot Johnny Cash in the dick. I think he’s either a tenured professor of ethics and philosophy or a neurosurgeon.


Pretty sure he was a character in “Stagger Lee”….the Nick Cave version.

Billy Dilly?

That’s the one.

I love that song but I love Snatch and the Poontangs’ version just as much.

His name is “Tim Sled”?

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The line at the end of the story was well done.


FrankenPigs are here…

ManBearPig is real?

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SpiderPig, SpiderPig, bringing organs back to life…

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And this little pig was revived by modern medicine…

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Just doing things a SpiderPig does…