In Praise of iMac

Here’s a much more unequivocal take on the M2 Pro Mac Mini.

And the final word on the subject. Sir Marques of Brownlee has spoken

Ok, I’m going nuts here. How the hell do I copy a chunk of text from an email on my iPhone (using the native email app, not the Gmail app or something like that)? I cannot select any text in the email, and consequently I cannot copy it. Surely I’m overlooking something.

Are you sure the text you’re trying to copy isn’t actually an image of some sort?

Oh, fuck, never mind: it’s a “hold down for an uncomfortable time” selection mechanism instead of the usual “tap twice”.

It’s actually ‘hold down for an uncomfortable time and then never be able to highlight exactly the text you want to copy.’


Apple knocking out refurbished Mac minis for $100 off, starting at $500, ahead of a presumed model refresh coming in June.

If you ever wanted to get into a Mac, this is an excellent opportunity.

WWDC tomorrow is going to be interesting. There will be the usual rolls out of new software packages, but there is a ton of hardware to be announced too, hence it being scheduled for over 2 hours (it’s usually less than 90 mins).

The main buzz is, of course, around the expected VR/AR headset. I won’t be getting one - especially not at the speculated price of $3,000 - but I am very curious to see Apple’s take on it.

They are way behind other OEMs on this and even way behind their own timetable, so it ought to be something special. The are claiming “this changes everything”, which is bold.

It is supposed to be controls-free, with everything being controlled by gestures, virtual keys/switches and facial/eye movements. The prospect of walking around essentially with Iron Man’s HUD is quite a thing.

So I was visiting my sister and she has an IMac from like 2013. She recently bought a new printer, and turns out it’s not compatible with that generation IMac. She’s pissed.

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The base model iMac or Mac mini will blow the doors off her old machine. M1 Mac mini (what I have) starts at $600. The only thing I did was increase the RAM to 16GB. It’s the best computer I’ve ever owned by light years.

She thinks she paid enough to get more than 10 years out of the top of the line model she bought.

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I need a computer to run a browser and the MS Office suite.

Planned obsolescence can suck it.


A base Mac mini plus one or two screens from Best Buy is the cheapest little powerhouse you can imagine.

You hear that, God?


All these things will be lost,
Like tears in rain.

Did you tell her that, whether she spent $300 or $3000 in 2013, the last few years she’s gotten out of that computer have been gravy? Or that, or importantly, Apple is likely to drop support for security updates on computers of that era (if they haven’t already) and she should replace that fucker soon anyway?

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A 2013 Mac probably stopped being eligible for OS updates 4 or 5 years ago.

You’ve obviously never met my sister.

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"Excuse me ma’am.

The device you have that works perfectly well for your needs will become a brick in a few days.

You may now spend your money on something else we own. You will likely have to buy other things we own to make that work too.

You’re welcome."

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