I smell fish. July 29, 2022

somebody’s got to start. Alvarez on 2nd, Bregman 2-2, 2 outs, 1st inning.

Diaz clobbered that ball.

Two rbi double by The Real Alex Bregman. 4-0 Astros.

Man, Yordan is the complete package. What a great read off of the bat of Bregman. It’s funny now to look back at many of the comments that tried to express that he was a one dimensional player and see the reality of his defense and base running counter that narrative.


Putting some pitches on Ray

Get into that bullpen with 2 more games this weekend !!


I don’t see Ray lasting another inning. Up to 77 pitches and he is only into his first out in the inning here in the third. Contrast that with Verlander‘s 33 pitches through three.

The League pitching adjusted to him and he adjusted right back. He’s hitting for power and average. I think he must have a pretty high Baseball IQ. Not quite Bagwell on the base paths, at least not yet, but pretty damn good!


Out after 2.2 innings. That’s going to put Servais in a sour mood. You hate to see it.

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Just terrible.

He’s such a gentle soul.

This is one of the things I appreciate about the Astros. The Mariners signed an inconsistent guy after a career year to a five-year contract. Here Ray is, regressing his personal mean and they have 4 1/2 years more of him. When did you ever see the Astros, buoyed by their analytics team, make that type of long-term commitment?

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Verlander averaging less than 12 pitches per inning.

Robbie Ray averaged at least 12 pitches per inning.

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I think this is one of those “less is more” situations.

I like THIS Bregman

I don’t know where he has been but I’m glad Alex Bregman decided to show up.

Tucker is a crack up. Three different batting styles in three at bats. Two different batting gloves for the first two and then no batting gloves for the third. He seems totally old-school.

17 posts thru 4 innings? Really, people? Let’s f’ing go!!!

Thank you, blue, for that first pitch strike.

No ground ball outs through the first 13 for Verlander. He is the anti-Framber.