I Hate the ESPYS

ESPN masturbating in the mirror. I should get over it. Can’t.

The Worldwide Bleeder has been horrendous for a couple of decades.

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Because they love The Evil Empire/yanks, the Massholes/sawx, the silly dojers, ohio state and dook basketball?

The worm turned for me when SC began looking like the droppings from the bottom of a focus group cage.

The rest of the original programming sucked balls too.

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I blame them for the proliferation of shouting heads, as if the forceful delivery of an opinion removes any obligation to ground that opinion in logic.


Anyone pay attention to all star game? I never have and getting old. Almost as old and feeble as Joe. Of course no security to check up on me. Do have friends and neighbors.

You know, if I was borderline illiterate and wrote like I’d recently suffered a traumatic head injury, I would really do my best not to talk down on other people.


He can’t help it. He has to post every single thing he thinks.

I feel like you’re giving him a lot of credit here.