Hurricanes @ Rangers -Game 6

Just kidding…Astros @ Mariners. I’m watching the 3rd period and may see y’all later.

Go Astros!!

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Blah. Hits from Altuve and Bregman, but squat from Brantley, Alvarez and Gurriel.

HPU a disaster so far

Walk, SB, single…1-0 Mariners.

Astros go quietly in the 2nd. 1-0 Mariners

They seem to be fine with letting Mariner’s pitchers throw as few pitches as possible.

Seatwats sitting heavy on the high FB. 3-0 Mariners and still batting bottom 2.

Bases juiced with 2 outs.

Solo HR and a couple doubles make it 3-0 Seattle through 2.

This has been an unfortunate trend

They should be feasting on this guy.

Same two hitters who got on in the 1st get on again with no payoff. 3-0 Mariners

66 pitches through 3 for Urquidy. 3-0 Mariners

Astros bats continue to annoy but don’t break skin. 3-0 mid 4.

Astros still wondering where they are…allow one more to score. 4-0 Mariners through 4.

I did not open this because of the title.

I have done 4 innings of PBP in another thread

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You were first guess I’ll drop.

It doesn’t matter. This game blows worse than last night. 4-0 mid 5.

4-0 my ass

I’ve had enough. Back-to-back late-night shitshows are too much for me. 6-0 Mariners.

Good night.