HPU umpiring

As several said yesterday, atrocious calls by the HPU completely altered ABs at crucial times in the game. It is not merely a single bad call; that call alters the mindset of the hitter and makes chasing a bad pitch more likely. I am not talking about borderline pitches; I am talking about strike calls on pitches several inches off the plate. The same thing happens to pitchers when a clear strike is called a ball, especially when it should have been strike three.

I do not like the idea of electronic umpires, but what other solution is there?

Hold umpires accountable for poor performances and fine them, then fire them if they can’t improve.

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I could not agree more, but the union….

The technology to assess the strike zone has laid bare how bad some umps are/ have been.

That’s leverage for MLB.

Whether those dimwits can put it to use is another issue.


The electronic zone is inevitable and not that far away. 10 years, max.

There are clearly kinks to be worked out based on the live-game tests in the Atlantic League and elsewhere. YouTube is full of crazy calls. The problem may not be accuracy as much as pitchers throwing “technical” strikes that clip a corner of the rulebook zone but have (rightly) never been considered a strike in MLB. But those issues can and will be fixed.

I haven’t watched any of the clips, but is that the basic problem, clipping the front side and way off at the catcher?

I find this twitter feed (@umpscorecards) to be helpful. It is usually about a day behind but you can see the accuracy of the ump on the strike zone and then how accurate they were in their established strike zone. They also tell you which team benefitted and what the most significant misses were.

I tend to be biased in my viewing and forget the ones that benefit my team. This is an objective check.

Here is the score card for the Saturday Astros @ Angels game

Umpire: Malachi Moore
Final: Angels 2, Astros 8#WeBelieve // #ForTheH#LAAvsHOU // #HOUvsLAA pic.twitter.com/bHr68EpnVS

— Umpire Scorecards (@UmpScorecards) August 15, 2021

Yep, Mark posts the scorecards often.

ETA: Mark was an umpire for a couple of years and was a good one. His strike zone was tight, as one would expect of a hitter turned umpire, but consistent.

I will say this for bad umpiring, it’s produced some of Mark’s best rants.


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The new Talkzone software handles links really well, which is awesome.

As for bad umping bringing out my best rants, what can I say? I’m a giant ball of rage.


And as we’ve heard, it has an ignore feature.

If only it had a “punt this user to the fucking moon” feature, it would be perfect.


Come at me, bro

It’s hard to predict the effect of a truly universal and consistent strike zone would have on the game. Pitchers, particularly relievers, would know right where the zone is from the first pitch. Devices would be installed in bullpens so they would know exactly how each pitch is landing before entering the game. Hitters would not need to guess the edges of the zone in their first AB nor worry that it might be different in their second.

The strike zone is supposed to be universal and consistent, but obviously never has been. If it really were, I think the game would change, and I think for the better, but I’m not certain.

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I cannot fathom “the game’s most basic rule is enforced consistently and accurately” as a negative change.

Agree 1000%

I would welcome the change. It would be ok if umpires had a personal zone and stuck to it, but bad umpires ruined it. Bring on the robots.