How to?

How do you turn off stupid shit like “suggested topics”? And all of the other annoying “notifications”?

Suggested topics are on for everyone or off for everyone. If enough people find them annoying I think we can get rid of them, but as we get more activity here I think they could become useful.

If you’re talking about the notifications that pop up on your user icon in the top right… by default when you post in a thread you “track” that thread, meaning you get notifications of further activity in that thread. You can change this by clicking your user icon, click your name, click Preferences, click Notifications, and change the following:

  • Automatically track topics I enter: change to “Never”
  • When I post in a topic, set that topic to: set to “Normal”
  • Notify when liked: change to “Never”

That should cut down on the bulk of your notifications.