How to post a comment

I been watching from the sidelines for years, without any desire to post comments. Lately I DO want to comment, but am not sure how to do that without using the REPLY link. How do I post a general comment on a thread without using the REPLY link? I don’t see an obvious place to click on. I feel like an idiot for having to ask this.

There are two reply buttons. One within the post, which should be at the bottom right of every post and be without any kind of color border. That button will reply linking to the post that you’re replying to. I clicked that option for this post (and highlighted your text to copy/create your post and text above mine).

To reply to a general thread without linking to a specific post/comment, just hit the Reply button at the bottom of the thread. On my screen it’s a blue rectangle with the word Reply next to an Outlook/email style arrow pointing leftward, and it’s at the end of a menu that shows Share, Bookmark, Flag, Reply.

This will just post a response at the bottom of the thread without quoting anyone. That is the button I hit to create this post.

Thank you! This is what I have been doing, but most times, the comment that I want to make is not a reply, per se, to the person who I seem to be replying to. I appreciate your answering my question.

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Now I understand. Thanks again!

Happy to help!