Houston v. St Louis

Madris in left. Dubon, Julks and McCormick sit.

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Altuve 2B
Bregman 3B
Tucker RF
Abreu 1B
Diaz DH
Peña SS
Madris LF
Meyers CF
Maldonado C

Kessinger needs some playing time. Get him in there too.

Dusty Baker is a true innovator, always finding new and creative ways to piss me off.


Is it true that Dusty doesn’t like Chaz for some reason?

Altuve with a double on the first pitch!

4-pitch walk to Bregman

So far, so good

Look at him go!

Double for Tucker!


Abreu with a sac fly

Diaz…,infield in…whiffs on three pitches

Diaz still hasn’t met a high pitch he won’t swing at

Peña slaps an RBI single!


Good start…Astros lead 3-0

OK good start on offense, but I hope we add more next inning

Pick 'em up, Pena!

Boy, yesterday’s loss was a real heartbreaker, huh?

Couple more runs and maybe the levee will break.