Houston at Kansas City, Sept 17, 2023

Framber, embarrassed by the presence of a lead, gives up a leadoff double.

Apparently the shoulder is ok

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And Brantley throws a strike to the plate to gun that guy down to end the inning.

Top of the 6th Astros strike out, strike out, and strike out.

Good News: Cleveland has scored 9 unanswered against Texas, after a game where they laid 12 runs on the Rangers

Bad News: Cleveland plays Houston starting tomorrow

Nope. We get Baltimore. The bad news is that we’re home.

You’re right. sorry.

Rangers lose 9-2, Mariners still warming up against the Dodgers

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Well, well, turnabout is fair play. Boston down to their final strike against Toronto and Devers hits a game-tying homer. Going to the bottom of the 9th tied 2-2.


Dodgers lead Mariners 1-0 top of the 1st

Hope the Astros keep the bats warm for tomorrow

Dodgers treating Logan Gilbert rudely, now lead 4-0 in the top of the 2nd.

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“Needing to salvage a game against Oakland, and needing to salvage a game against Kansas City” is such a damning phrase.


No hangover from the champagne celebration last night, I guess.

Dojers up 4-0 in the second.

LA wins 6-1.

After all that the Astros pick up a game on both the Arlingtonians and Seattle.


Just keep winning, Astros.


Here he is again with this frontrunner crap. Bull.Shit.